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Advisory services

If, in addition to good advice, you need active support in solving your adhesive bonding problems, TC-Kleben is the right address for you. We work out tailor-made, application-specific solutions for our customers. Our efforts concentrate
on the particular application – not just the component or the adhesive. You are looking for a suitable adhesive for a new joint or want to check its long-term behaviour, etc. We advise the customer on these and many other questions.
Such advice is rarely just theoretical. In most cases they are supported by laboratory tests. Besides handling complete development orders we also implement partial, individual orders: Expert opinions and market research Application-specific trials (selection of adhesive, long-term behaviour)
Application-related testing of components as per specifications. Surface pretreatment, particularly of plastics, surface analysis Manufacturing to order (small series, prototypes) Concept planning for automated solutions, etc.
By our practical approach we look for (and find!) technically and economically advantageous solutions for our customers. This reduces development times and time to market.

We shall be glad to support you in solving your adhesive bonding problems. Please let us know your requirements.

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