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Within the scope of certification, we offer companies the opportunity to prove the abilities of their enterprise and obtain certificates pursuant to DIN 6701 (accredited area) or DIN 2304.

Our qualified auditors have many years of experience in adhesive technology and process auditing. We are happy to visit you at your company for a pre-audit. This will help us determine the status of the enterprise in relation to the requirements of the respective standard and define the still open issues.

We also offer tailor-made seminars for preparation for certification in both areas:

• DIN 6701: http://tc-kleben.de/seiten/din6701.html
• DIN 2304: http://tc-kleben.de/seiten/din2304.html

You can find further detailed information on the scope of the two standards,
DIN 6701 and DIN 2304, under the two following sub-items.

We would be pleased to work for your company and inform you about the necessary steps on the way to a certification pursuant DIN 6701 or DIN 2304. We are also happy to provide you with an offer in this regard.

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